Panciteria Lido Cocina Tsina 1936

My visit: July 10, 2010

Panciteria Lido
Unit 1 Ground Floor
The Capital Towers Building
266 E. Rodriguez Sr. Ave.
Kalusugan, Quezon City

The picture on top reminds me of the picture on the wall of Cantonese Soup Kitchen (pictured below).

This restaurant has a limited seating capacity. It can only accommodate less than 20 pax from what I have counted. I saw that most people were ordering for take-out. 

pugon roasted asado PhP267

This is their specialty. So order it if you are a first timer in this restaurant. Sliced roasted asado like you have never tasted before.

chami special PhP185

3 cups chicken PhP295

Too much soy sauce but the taste reminds me of the small restaurant, Shin Yeh, my family used to frequent when I was younger. The order seemed small but we had enough left to take home. 

The three dishes above are Lido's specialty. 

A few days after that, DH came home with pugon roasted asado on hand. This time with an order of Drunken Lechon Macau (PhP257) which I find salty ; p I guess we wouldn't be ordering it anytime soon.