Nail Polish Lovin': Nail Art 1

Thursday is nail polish day! Because of the number coding that we have here in this country, I seldom go out on Thursday lest I want to get caught in a traffic and get a violation if I was still out in the street by 3pm. 

So, what to do on a boring day like this? Paint my nails, what else? lol

nail art 1

 apply a coat of regular base coat

 ever bilena mint white PhP38- 3 coats

 l.a. art deco single coat in red

Start with the tip of the nail polish applicator pressed at the side of your nails lifting the tip as you go along. 

 l.a. art deco single coat in yellow

 apply a single coat of bobbie top coat then Caroia Kwik Dry

Hopefully, I'll see you next Thursday?