A Kanebo makeover at SM Sta Mesa

My visit: July 29, 2010

SM Sta. Mesa

The make over was not planned. My mom and I always make sure to pass by the Kanebo counter to inquire when the next SM 3 day sale would be. The ever pleasing Leslie was at the counter and she warmly greeted us and answer our questions about the sunblocks available. 

with Leslie, make up artist/ sales representative at the Kanebo counter

We were asking too many questions about make up and she suggested to put make up on me. All the while, I thought that she just wanted to put eye shadows on my chinky eyes but apparently she wanted to  do a make over on me haha

I was on my no-make-up-look today so I have on a blank canvass lol



The make over was already half way when I realized that I should have taken a before picture. So, the picture on my left was already half baked lol I had half of my face with make up on. Leslie loved my full eyebrows lol

I was apprehensive about the Kate eye gel she put on my lower eyelids but she gave me a reassurance that it will not smudge. The last picture was taken five hours after my make over. And I am happy to report that I don't have a raccoon eyes which happens most of the time. 

 make up and tools used

no more raccoon eyes

What I am wearing:

  • Esprit sleeveless shirt
  • Guess jeans
  • Sherpani sport reversible handbag in sweet pea
  • my own nail art
  • Shuji Kida PhP100 bangs cut