Sherpani Pinot Reversible

My visit: July 27, 2010

Primer Annual Bodega Sale
State Center

My BFF and I were at the State Center around 11am for the Primer Annual sale. I was really looking forward to buy my first pair of Sanuk because I know that's it's on 50% off. I don't really like it but if its on sale and if the shoe fits, I might change my mind ; p

I came on the second day of the sale and I was disappointed. Sanuk has only two racks and all the small sizes for the women were now gone. Sizes 9 and 10 were the ones available. Believe me, the designs left were terrible. Aargh!

I was itching to go home. But my shopping buddy was still busy shopping for bags in Hedgren area lol a true shopaholic, if you ask me! And so, I  had more time to go around and take a second look. And when I went at the farther end of the selling area, I saw the bags by Sherpani-  a young Boulder, Colorado company.


Sherpani sport pinot reversible handbag in sweet pea pictured above. 

 pinot reversible by sherpani PhP328 

I got this at 60% off the original price of PhP820. 

reverse side corn silk/sweet pea combination

This bag has a magnetic lock at the top center of the bag. A spacious interior, I can place my Nokia, Canon Ixus camera, hair clip, wallet and some extra space to stash your keys. I love that it's light weight and has a floral lining in its inner pocket. 


7"x 13"x 5"

I am so happy that I got this bag. I am using it for 2 straight days already!