Tipco 100% 32 Veggie & Mixed Fruit Juice and Tipco 100% Gojiberry & Mixed Fruit Juice

My event:  July 2, 2010

Tipco Healthy Veggie Beverage Line Press Launch
Icing's Cafe & Bakeshop
Dr. Lazcano corner Tomas Morato Ave.,
Quezon City

Ever since my friend, CML, introduced Tipco 100% to me, I became a loyal consumer. And when I got an e-vite from its PR, I know that I have to attend to learn more about the 100% juice drink that I am taking.

 Tipco 100% Beverage Line

Tipco is the #1 juice brand in Thailand. More than 20 fruits and vegetables variants are now available in the market. Tipco prides itself for being 100% juice meaning there is no sugar, preservatives, colouring and flavouring added. In addition, Tipco comes up with delicious flavor combination of fruits and veggies. Now, kids can enjoy different vegetables like broccoli, spinach, and even purple carrot juice! What's more, at the side of each Tipco 100% juice carton box, you can find the fruit and vegetable mix that's included in your drink. It is also good to note that in one (1) serving of 200ml equals to 6, 000 mg Dietary Fiber!

Ms. Mona Lisa Chua (VP- Sales & Marketing) talks about Tipco 100% Juice

Goji Berry originated in China and has been used to boost immune system. It is classified as a SUPERFRUIT meaning it carries exceptional nutritional and antioxidant properties while having an appealing taste. Goji Berry is also known as Wolf Berry.

32 Veggies & Mixed Fruit Juice is a special blend of 15 veggies (cauliflower, parsley, spinach, carrot, cucumber, sweet corn, aloe vera, soursop, celery, asparagus, pumpkin, bitter gourd, chinese cabbage, golden tomato and cabbage) and 17 fruits (grape, lemon, passion fruit, banana, pomegranate, orange, starfruit, nata de coco, apple, pineapple, sugar cane, strawberry, honey dew melon, mango, papaya and pear). 

I was not able to taste Goji Berry at the launch but was able to taste 32 Veggies & Mixed Fruit Juice which tasted like a fruit punch so definitely kids will love it!

 Mornflake Oat Crisp Clusters

Bissin wafer

Placed on top of our table were two snacks.  Pictured on top are also their products, Mornflake and Bissin.  

Kerwin Ong (Chief Executive Officer)

I went home enlightened about the juice drink. Thanks TIPCO for the invite!

Tipco is available in1L and 200ml pack. I buy my Tipco 100% in Unimart, Greenhills Shpping Center.