New find: Rocksalt... comfort food with attitude!

My visit: July 3, 2010

Unit 7-8 Timog Commercial Complex
Timog Ave., cor. Panay Ave.,
Quezon City
3326751   3326821

A few Saturdays ago, DH and I have weaved through the side streets of Tomas Morato. We would have opted to dine buffet style in Yakimix.  But as usual, Yakimix couldn't entertain walk in customers as early as 5:45pm as they were already full house! We were almost certain that we would end up eating in Iceberg's because we have already given up with the seemingly lack of choices on where to eat in Tomas Morato.  When DH suddenly saw the Rocksalt sign. Right then and there, he decided that we should eat there. 


Ground floor serves as a culinary academy and thus have a huge kitchen on your left upon entering.

 2nd floor dining area

specials of the day

We ended up ordering two specials on their menu board- Tinapa Salad and Cheesy Meatballs!

open kitchen

A friendly staff approached us and took us upstairs where there is a bigger space for dining. A huge glass window on the side and an open kitchen on the other side.

 mango kiwi PhP75

My glass was already half full when our first order came that's how I like the taste of this drink!

 squash cappuccino PhP125

I love the froth on top of the squash. 

The manager would explain what's on their menu and their specials for the day. I like that this restaurant didn't push the most expensive dish on their menu. 

tinapa salad  PhP205

I love how the combination of tinapa and the dressing blended well. Though it tasted like a caesar salad dressing, the waiter told me that it was tinapa dressing that they put on the salad. It is not a first though that I have tasted a salad like this. The first time was in Romulo's Cafe when we ordered Pinoy Caesar Salad wherein tuyo was used instead of tinapa.

 wings 5pcs PhP250

Fiery hot chicken wings! This was so tasty that I didn't bother to dip it in blue cheese sauce. Plus, the fact that the dip's consistency was a bit watery.

cheesy meatballs pasta PhP375

A bit pricey for a bowl of pasta with two meatballs topped with melted cheese. But DH surely love the taste of it. 

The only downside with this restaurant is that only a limited number of food choices on the menu. 

You might be wondering what a bag corn chips has to do with this post. Well, there are 2 Korean stores near the restaurant. One, beside Iceberg, is just across Rocksalt where we bought the bag of corn chips. The other one is just beside Rocksalt where we had Korean ice cream as dessert after our hearty dinner!

What I am wearing:
Bayo Becky T-shirt in green
Black jeans by Lee Pipes
set of fresh water pearls from Boracay