2 liter jug Non- Fat Milk delivery

Milk Man's Fresh Non Fat Milk PhP180

For two weeks now, a milkman is delivering fresh cow's milk from Batangas right at my doorstep. It tastes so good and inexpensive at PhP180 for a 2 liter jug! It doesn't have preservatives so keep it refrigerated and consume the milk within 4-5 days.

I got to know about this delivery man through a long time friend, MPT. She has the most flawless skin and I asked her secret. She told me that ever since she got pregnant, she drinks only this milk. I want her skin, therefore, I have ordered the same milk from the same supplier haha Now, we have the same milk delivery guy. 

So, when you see me, tell me if I have good skin, ok? haha 

To order text 09278335000

Pure cow's milk from Lipa, Batangas

Whole Milk & Non Fat Milk
PhP180/2 liter jug
2 jugs minimum delivery
4-5 days shelf life
No Preservatives
Keep Refrigerated
Milk is pasteurized and homogenized

Delivery areas are New Manila, San Juan, Greenills, Valle Verde 1-6, Wack Wack, Corinthian, Green Meadows and Acropolis.

BTW, I recently met in an event a reader of mine named Lourdes! Nice to meet you ; )