The Daily Dairy Inc. Pasteurized and Homogenized Milk

I have previously blogged about fresh non fat milk delivery. I didn't know that they also have chocolate drink until Kenneth texted me about a surplus in production last week. 

1 liter jug of chocolate drink PhP100

Chocolatey drink! yummy! Be sure to shake it well as chocolate would settle at the bottom of of the container. 

whole milk 2 liter jug PhP160

Whole milk is creamier and flavorful than the non fat one. Non fat is just like drinking a glass of water with a hint of milk lol I was not supposed to order this whole milk but my order was apparently mixed up. It was good though because I get to taste whole milk but I am sticking to non- fat milk. Not because I am fat . Because I like the taste more. Whole milk is for kids!

Visit here for more info on milk delivery!