Ballkan Express Inc. Eastern European Home Cooking

My visit: August 18, 2010

Balkan Express Inc. Eastern European Home Cooking
87 Jose Abad Santos St.,
cor. Mons St., Little Baguio,
San Juan 1500

Numerous restaurant has been sprouting along Jose Abad Santos St. in San Juan, Ballkan Express is the newest of them all! My dad actually pointed it out to me but I hesitated to try it out at first. When a friend raved about how good their goulash was, I was tempted. When I saw the picture of a melting cheese on top of a chicken, I gave in. I need to experience Serbian cooking for myself.

I visited the place exactly one month after it opened. Ballkan is a place in Yugoslavia. This restaurant is co-managed and co-operated by a Serbian Chef, Martin. 

What we have ordered:

chicken "batak" PhP290

Boneless chicken thigh grilled to perfection with melted Mozzarella cheese oozing on top of it. My favorite! Served over Jasmine rice.

goulash PhP230

This stew reminded me of my mom's home cooking when I was younger. A bit spicy though because of paprika. The beef is so tender it won't give you a hard time to chew. This order would be perfect for DH. Except that he was not my lunch companion lol Choice of pasta or rice. I chose the later.

cevapcici PhP180

This is a huge serving. And we couldn't finish the whole thing. There are four sausage-like minced meat inside a creamy burger bun with tomatoes, onion and lettuce. It goes with a fries on the side. Ketchup and Tartar sauce is included in this order.


There is a limited seating capacity in this restaurant approximately only 25 pax. 

Even though a bit hefty on the price tag, I would still be going back to this place. After all, this is the first authentic Serbian restaurant I have been to! Don't forget to get a flier on your way out so you can have their free iced tea on your next visit lol


September 22, 2010

I was back once again in this restaurant. This time with DH in tow. I was lucky enough to talk to Marko Batricevic, one of the co- owners and brother of Chef Martin.

with Marko

As usual, I ordered my favorite chicken batak, goulash and another specialty dish which resembles cevapcici but with a twist of cheese and hot pepper . The name slip my mind but I get to take a picture of lol

As usual we were stuffed to the max! And oh, I got my free glass of iced tea with my flier yey!