LS ActiveWhite Facial Experience!

This is a delayed post. It was during the Ls ActiveWhite Spa Milk Salt launching that I get to experience this facial procedure. The entire procedure lasted less than an hour in a private room. 

LS ActiveWhite Health & Beauty Center

treatment room

she did my facial

step 1 deep cleansing with massage

step 2 steam

step 3 suctioning

step 4 taking out of blackheads

step 5 laser treatment and antibiotic

5 hours after my facial

My face was reddish after the treatment. I knew this would happen because I have a sensitive skin. My only concern is that will the facial procedure cause my skin to break out. Hopefully not hehe

a day after

I took another picture of myself the day after. Take note that in the picture, I have no make up on ; p And my skin did not break out. Kudos to the staff who did my facial! Thanks!