Frozen Swirl by The Coffee Bean & Tea Leaf

My visit: August 1, 2010

The Coffee Bean & Tea Leaf
Greenhills Promenade

Somebody told AC about the CBTL's complimentary Frozen Swirl last Sunday. We would not pass this opportunity to taste a yogurt for free lol

yummy Berry'd Treasure!


And so around 10:15am, AC and I, together with my sib and parents, were in line for a free taste of their delicious yogurt. 

 did you just say "awesome?!"

 my sister

3 Berry'd Treasure, 1 Matcha Green Tea and Affogato

Frozen Swirl, The Coffee Bean & Tea Leaf's exclusive line of frozen yogurt
99% fat free
low in calories
low in cholesterol
a good source of protein and calcium

Price starts at PhP105!