The Original Manila Scramble... It's cool to be PINOY!

My visit: August 1, 2010

The Original Manila Scramble
Ground level
beside Handyman
Robinson's Galleria

A few weeks ago, I saw the longest snake line people made waiting for their turn to order in Manila Scramble's pink stall. I got curious and asked the people manning behind the counter what they were selling. "Scramble, ma'am". This prodded me to ask what a Scramble is. Basically, it's just shaved ice and milk. I cringe when I saw that it's pink! Needless to say, I didn't have to courage to try and taste it. I needed a buddy, who is a "Scramble virgin" like me lol

Luckily, I attended an event last Sunday at Robinson's Galleria. I was with AC, a fellow Scramble virgin lol She agreed to hold my hand and together for the first time, we had our first taste of The Original Manila Scramble ; p

I got my PhP20

With my PhP20, I still had a PhP6 change lol We each got a small cup for only PhP7. We were not so sure what to expect so we only ordered the smallest cup ; p

  the price is inexpensive

No wonder people are lining up for Manila Scramble, it is very affordable!

 milk powder and chocolate syrup

 and with strawberry syrup

 our first taste of the original Manila Scramble

We finished the scramble to the last drop! I wanted more but I need to lose weight from all the food bingeing I'm in! More later and Oh! Sunsilk results... tsk! tsk!