Olay Body Moisturizing bar

Oi, commercial muna from all the food posts baka tumaba na kayo haha

3 variants of Olay Body Moisturizing bar

When I went home a few weeks ago, a bag of 6 Olay bar soap was waiting for me. I like the smell. I quickly went up to my room to check on our shower area and there lies a man's soap... Irish Spring! DH likes the manly fresh-out-of-the-shower scent of it. I overstock the soap to double as cabinet deodorizer haha

I admit, I seldom use bar soap because I felt like it dries my skin. I use a shower cream or a liquid soap instead. But I am glad I've tried Olay Body mositurizing bar.

Olay body ultra moisture with Shea butter PhP45

Did I already tell you about its floral scent? I love it. Every time I take a shower, the first thing I smell is the soap. Hmmm, love the smell!

It's creamy when applied and lathered on to skin but rinses off quite well. No soap residue feeling after.

I read in the box that it's also gentle on the face but I haven't tried it... yet!

There are two more variants that I need to try- fresh reviving and age defying at PhP45 each. But a bar of Olay could last long and I couldn't wait much longer. So, I am now blogging about the Olay body ultra mositure with Shea butter that has a floral scent which I immediately opened after smelling it hehe

Smell it! Ok, buy first and then smell it and then use it haha Oh I actually kept the empty soap box and placed it inside a drawer to give it a floral scent when opened ; p

Thanks Sai, Kankan of yehey and P&G