The Old Vine by Chef's Quarter

My visit: August 6, 2010

The Old Vine by Chef's Quarter
Level 1 Eastwood Mall
Libis, Quezon City

It has actually been four months already that my barkada and I were out of touch. Thanks to yogi, we were all able to meet up last Friday in Eastwood City.

As usual, all but CML and I were late. CML has no excuse to be late because she lives in the area lol And I, well, let's just say I am always prompt lol

And since we were there earlier than the meeting time, we get to choose where to eat. I quickly thought of rstaurants that I haven't blog about lol Talk about self centeredness. Alright, the idea is to be blog centered so I can write a post and you can read about where or what I have been up to haha So, you see the motive is righteous lol

The Old Vine is managed and run by the same people who left DUO, a restaurant in Fort. We were given  room with a PhP7, 000 consumable rate. The manager waived the fee and we were free to use the room. Thanks!

Tessie Tomas salad large PhP595

We asked the waiter to split the salad into two plates. Salad consisted of roasted prawn, slices of marinated salmon, greens and alfafa sprouts in creamy balsamic dressing! How much would like to pay for this salad? I guess not PhP600 though haha But what the heck? We ordered it just the same!

Btw, Duo has the exact same salad with the same name. But a friend of mine commented that her mom likes the original more!

lamb shank PhP420

poele lamb spareribs PhP395

DH and I are both lamb lovers, you should have known it by now lol I don't like the cilantro- curry sauce on my lamb spareribs. I like DH's sauce better. I took a bite of his lamb shank "pinot noir"- marinated in red wine, grilled and braised. It's tender while mine is a bit dry. In the end, I give 3 lamb spareribs to DH hehe I guess he liked my order more. 

assorted mushrooms PhP280

This is Clyde's order. It's butter-y and so tasty!

choco gooey fudge 

For every Php1500 food purchase , you can avail of a complimentary choco gooey fudge courtesy of Citibank.

Mr. Mas & yogi

Glad to have super friends like yogi and her DH who drove me home that night. My DH went home ahead of me; p Such a sleepy head. But I when I got home, he was awake and was wide awake! Sweet!