Sherpani Natural Ivy hand bag

Together with my Sherpani Pinot Reversible, I also bought this Sherpani Ivy in Primer Bodega Sale last July 27, 2010. 

Sherpani Ivy in canyon 

I got this Sherpani Natural Ivy hand bag at 70% off! From the original price of PhP2890 down to PhP867.  

I love how I can put so many things inside and yet it's not bulky to look at. 

sherpani flower logo

back view

sherpani logo

I can't seem to count how many pockets inside this wonderful bag. There is a separate compartment for your keys, cell fone, lipstick, comb and the bag still have room for my camera, wallet charger and more!

floral lining; Made in Vietnam

How cool is that floral lining! And the suede trimmings! 

Sherpani Bags
All natural cotton fabric
All natural suede leather
No toxic dyes