Spanish bread by Sonya's Garden

My family and I went on a road trip yesterday. We went to Tagaytay at 3pm when most families were already getting out of the city. Traffic was horrible on the other side of the lane while we were having a travel bliss if there is such a thing haha

Spanish bread PhP120/ 10pcs.

First stop, Sonya's Garden. We smelled freshly baked bread and bought a pack of Spanish bread in their bakery. Then, we headed to their store selling vegetable salad PhP100 and dressing PhP200. 

Spanish bread was my first pick. It reminded me of my grade school years when my nanny and I used to  buy freshly baked bread on our way to school. 

Sonya's version is double the size. Inside is a jam so generously sandwiched in the bread that my mom said she could use the excess jam on another bread lol 

I wonder how much does a Spanish bread now costs in a local bakery?