Gerry's Grill PLUS win a collectible item!

My event: September 17, 2010

Gerry's Grill
Tomas Morato
Quezon City
4159514   4144234

It was a hectic Friday. After work, DH and I visited a back to back EXPO at the World Trade Center in the afternoon and went straight to Gerry's Grill for a what you call sumptuous dinner. 

I was once again invited by the force behind Stratigem to taste the latest offering of Gerry's Grill. I am glad to see some new faces when we arrived and some old ones too! Fellow bloggers were already capturing pictures when I arrived. I have to thank the traffic for arriving fashionably late haha

The following food were served that night: 

caldereta PhP220

Ok, so this made on top of my list haha Caldereta is a local version of beef stew. I love it's strong taste plus the veggies were cooked just right. I love that it has melted cheese on top! yum!

sizzling tilapia ala pobre Php245

Tired of sizzling bangus? You can now order order sizzling tilapia ala pobre instead. Don't you just love the garlic on top. I wish they would put more though haha


You know that I am not fond of sisig. So, I ask DH to try it and he said "ok naman". So, there goes my short description of sisig hehe

ginataan plapla PhP225

I never heard of pla pla. Well, not until now haha I get to taste a wee bit of the meat and it was alright. 

sizzling binagoongang baboy PhP165

Priced at only PhP165, this alone can be my ulam na, to share pa haha I love anything with bagoong that's why.

sizzling garlic chicken 

shrimp with chips

In as much as I would like to stay away from deep fried food. There is always a deep fried entree whenever I would attend a blog event. Not that I am complaining but my DH will haha I think I ate four, three two* of these shrimps hehe *DH might get to read this post haha


I mistook this for laing. I wasn't sure what it is. This food was situated farthest from me and sad to say, I wasn't able to taste it. Good thing, I had enough shrimps in my belly lol *wink*

adobo puso rice PhP155

Filipino style of eating always goes with rice. This particular rice reminds me of ma chang,  a Chinese version of sticky brown rice with pieces of meat (pork or chicken or both) wrapped together in banana leaves. 

With numerous Filipino restaurants sprouting each day, Gerry's Grill is where you'd still rather be! I can attest to that because I, for one, has celebrated my birthday here!

Before I end this post, I would like to introduce to you Gerry's Grill Circle of Friends Loyalty Card. 

loyalty card
  • Just pay PhP100, no minimum purchase required to get the crd
  • Only PhP750 minimum single receipt entitles you to a free dish
  • 3% of the total net purchase will be converted to points
  • card is valid for a year with renewal payment of PhP100
And now for the contest...

collectible ice bucket and a bag

Do you want to get your hands on these cool items from Gerry's Grill? Rules are simple. Please follow it accordingly.
  1. LIKE MrsMartinez's Raves and Rants and Gerry's Grill on Facebook
  2. Post entries on Facebook using the following format:
  3. I want to win @Gerry's Grill collectible ice bucket from @MrsMartinez's Raves and Rants
  4. Copy and paste your entry on my comment section with your name and name(at)email(dot)com
  5. You have to do both- FB post and comment with name and email to qualify as an entry
  6. As usual, you must be able to meet up with me in Tomas Morato or Greenhills area to pick up your loot!
  7. A winner will be announced on October 10, 2010 using random(dot)org
  8. Unclaimed prize within two weeks from announcement will be forfeited. 
  9. I have the final say.
And we have a winner of collectible bucket, CAREN! Congratulations also to JESSAMINE for winning 5 bags. You have until the end of October to clim your prize. Otherwise, it will be forfeited! Wait for my email girls! Thanks for joining everyone!