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My event: September 30, 2010
Members Only, 
The Fort Entertainment Center

Funny how I always end up in The Fort, not to dance or drink the night away I am way too old for that and I can't even stay up late but to attend events. In my numerous times I have been there, I still get scared driving by myself especially at night. It's a good thing I always have my neighbor and fellow blogger, Rowena, with me. 

We were texted to be there at 6pm. Scared to be caught up in the traffic we experienced a week before, we were there before 6pm haha Too early if you ask me because we learned that the program will start at 7:30pm. 

Mr. Butz de Castro, managing director

Being early at an event is not a bad thing, we get the chance to talk to the managing director of Get Sold Corporation, Mr. Butz de Castro. 

Mr. de Castro explained to us the overview of the website. I learned that upon signing up with the website, you get one free ad. The succeeding ads have corresponding fee. Now, I don't know how they would fair in a field where other sites are offering free online ads to its users so I asked what will their client get in return. He told me that their clients would get a wider audience reach because, a project by Get Sold Corporation, is a joint venture of Summit Media and Ringier AG. 

Browsing through their site is a breeze. Very simple and user-friendly, aims to be the most comprehensive source of real estate information.