Clean and Clear Philippines BFF 8 Date

My event: November 6, 2010

BFF 8 Date
TGI Friday's

Turn an ice cream cup into a hat, pay PhP50 pesos for a rainbow colored kiddie manicure, ask a mister to let our Mini MEs ride the ferris wheel and make goofy faces, these were just some of the things Rowena and I did just to have a chance in winning one 16gb iPad each.

We didn't win but nonetheless, I would like to share with you the 8 official picture entries + 1 to the scrapbook making contest of Clean & Clear Philippines.

The White Hat 

After our lunch at Friday's, the foodies in us wanted to have a dessert! White Hat was our choice for frozen yogurt dessert!

 PhP50 colorful nail polish at Club Princess

Can't decide which colors you want? Why not have each color painted on each of your nails, the result is bright funky looking nails!

 inside Marionnaud trying on their make up

It took us several takes to get this right. Good thing the one taking our picture was quite nice and got a good shot!

Chicago Mix popcorn at Chicago Popcorn Shops PhP 75

Dilly- dallying which popcorn flavor to get? Why not get both? In Chicago Mix, cheese and caramel flavored popcorn is mixed together in one bag! Try eating it together for a burst of flavor!

Hello Kitty at where else? Sanrio land Gift Gate!

My generation, the generation before me and this generation loves Hello Kitty! Being silly has its price- people looking at us like we were crazy kids but some like the sales representative tolerated us by taking our photo with Hello Kitty as our head lol

 PhP10 per song karaoke in a music lounge

Pinoys like love to sing but not all have the money to buy Magic Sing.  This comfortable booth that can seat a family of four inside Time Zone charges PhP10 per song. It's a cheap price of entertainment. No wonder the management set the limit to just one hour per batch.

 with our dependable Clean & Clear Oil Control Film

Running around the entire mall makes our face sweaty and oily. Yikes! You would not want to see that in our pictures, don't you?

 Animaland Doraemon PhP385 each

Your very own 3D picture on your favorite character Doraemon, why not? We did just that! And we let it ride the ferris wheel lol Look at that pointy nose lol

The last photo was not included in the set of 8 pictures that we have submitted. But we looked cute in this photo and I want to post it as my 9th photo haha It's my blog after all, I can put whatever I want lol

What I am wearing:

top by JAG jeans
skirt by Warehouse
accessories by Club Princess

The Club Princess management forbids to take photos with their accessories. We didn't know the rules until the last minute when the supervisor told us. Our apologies! But this photo turned out really well and I just want to share it with you all!

We didn't win but we sure had a lot of fun taking colorful photos!