Johnny Rockets

My visit: November 20, 2010

Johnny Rockets
205 Tomas Morato
Laging Handa, QC
3528486   5320693

For a few weeks now, DH and I are attracted to Johnny Rockets' brightly lit signage and interior. We decided to give it a try one Saturday night. 

 interior photo courtesy of DH

A very welcoming and lively greeting awaits you as you enter the restaurant. Once we were ushered to our seats, I looked for the toilet. When I went back to my seat, I saw the staff midway through their dance number. I thought I wasn't able to caught it on video. Good thing, they dance every few minutes or so. 

Johnny Rockets' staff dancing video

 Smoke House PhP485

Now, I am not so fond with burgers and pasta but I have no choice because their specialty is burger. I love barbecue that's why I ordered this. It's meaty but I don't think that it should cost this much. DH commented that most of their things must have been sourced from abroad that's why the steep price. The burger was served already sliced in the middle. Not good for photo op. I was only able to eat half and took home the rest.

What's in it:

Cheddar cheese, bacon, crispy onion rings, and barbecue ranch sauce.

side salad

Each burger ordered comes with a choice of side salad or unlimited fries. I chose salad while DH chose fries.

 strawberry shake PhP215

I find the strawberry shake too sweet. I took home the rest of the extra shake. I gave it the next day to my sister and she also find it too sweet hehe I like the whipped cream on top ; p

#12 PhP335

No, it's not called #12 because it has 12 ingredients. But according to the menu, on the scale of 1 to 10, it's a 12! The verdict? DH said that he has tasted burgers with the same quality for a lesser price. 

What's in it:

Cheddar cheese, lettuce, onion slice, pickle, mayonnaise and tangy red sauce!

The staff waiting on us was efficient. He refills our fries right away. I like the ambiance. It's great for teenage bonding moments. The restaurant interior reminds me of Archie's comics' ice cream house set up hehe

I would go back if I have a Senior Citizen discount card lol