Izumi Alkaline Ionized Water

People are getting health conscious each day. Proof of which is the ginormous sales in magnet titanium like Phiten. Along with psychological belief that these can cure / elevate whatever ache you are feeling, some cunning businessmen jump on the vulnerability of the hopeless. Some would even promise new strength / energy but would later be proven a hoax. It didn't stop there, from distilled, purified & mineral water, now comes the new alkaline water. 

Izumi Anti -oxidant Alkaline Water Ionizer from Aqualipure

Izumi from Chugoku, Japan is an anti-oxidant alkaline water ionizer. It has a digital preset buttons for alkaline (high PH-7.5-10) and acidic water (low PH-4-7). 

What is ionized alkaline water?

It is known as Kangen water in Japan which mean "return to original". 

What are the benefits of drinking ionized alkaline water?

  • washes out toxic alcohol from the system
  • food is more flavorful
  • supports fetal development in pregnant women
  • rids pesticides from fruits and vegetables just by drenching
  • prevents blood clots
  • flushes out toxins that can cause cancer
  • flushes out acid that can cause arthritis and ulcer
  • dissolves acids which cause kidney stones and gall bladder stones
  • flushes out body wastes
  • prevent blood clots and improves blood circulation
  • prevents constipation

What will you do with all the acidic water? I know you would ask, do not throw it away. Always remember acidic water is for cleaning while alkaline water is for good health. 

Benefits of acidic ionized water are:

  • can act as astringent and whitens the skin
  • gargle acidic ionized water to prevent mouth ulcer, tartar and periodontitis
  • soaked veggies and fruits extend their freshness
  • kills bacteria of cuts and burns
  • sterilizes dish wares and chopping board
  • can cure athlete's foot, hand and foot worm

source: Aqualipure website and brochure

I have been drinking alkaline water continuously for almost a year. What I noticed is that my bowel movements became regular. I didn't lose weight though haha My ulcer would still act up once in awhile but not as often as it used to. The rest of the benefit I have no knowledge if it really works. I haven't check my kidney or gallbladder stones and I am not pregnant. If you have had amazing or not so good experience with this machine message me ;  ) I want to know your experiences ; )