Taiwan Chronicle: Chin May Taiwan Buffet

My visit: December 27, 2010

Chin May Taiwan Buffet since 1975
Chung Shan North Road,
Section 2, Taipei, Taiwan

As soon as we were able to check in our luggage in Hotel Green Peak, all we could ever think about was food. I tell you that's one thing Taipei is not lacking!

We were early. People mostly office workers in suits would line up come lunch time. We were able to find us a place to sit right away. A tray will be offered for dine in and a box for take out hence the name Taiwan Box Lunch or simply "pien tang".

DH told me it's a good thing the women behind the counter didn't scold me for getting a take away box for dine in food. I was scolded before once but pretended I couldn't comprehend lol

When in line, you can have the option for big and small portion of rice. You say "da" for big portion and  "siaw" for small. There are several women behind the huge counter. You just have to point the food that you want and they will gladly put it in your tray or box. Much like our turo turo here in the Philippines but this restaurant has LCD TV and seats like that of our fast food chains hehe There is no limit as to the number of viands that you put on your box as long as you can pay for it haha Chopsticks and tissues are both available near the check out counter. It's pay as you go kind of restaurant.

my lunch box with "siaw" portion of rice

My lunch box contains my ultimate favorite, sweet and sour pork, string beans, fish and rice.

DH choice for his pien tang

On DH lunch box: spicy chicken, adobo egg, broccoli and "da" rice.

I think I paid a little less than NTD150 for both our lunch boxes. So inexpensive!

Family Mart next door

Different soups are available for a fee which also serves as their drink. I had to go to Family Mart next door for a can of Coke NTD20 and two straws hehe

We were so full and ready to shop that afternoon. Flexing my muscles, first on the list, I have to buy new shoes ; p