Taiwan Chronicle: Taipei Milk King

My visit: December 27, 2010

Taipei Milk King (TMK)
Zhong Shan Station Exit

So you would think that after eating a hearty lunch, we couldn't eat and drink some more? Well, you are wrong. DH and I went to Taipei precisely for food and drinks haha Skip my entire Taipei post if you are not a foodie. If you are a foodie, raise your hand, you know who you are and read on...

Taipei Milk King facade

Look at how trendy the young people in Taipei, that's one more reason to love this country! Loving their  fashion sense!

Whichever exit (1&2) you choose, you will easily spot Taipei Milk King as you alight from Zhong Shan station.

Papaya Milk shake NTD70

They mixed in fresh milk instead of powder milk for my Papaya Milk shake order. I order this every time I go there. I would have ordered their curry casserole if I am hungry which of course I am not as we just had our lunch at Chin May. DH had kiwi milk... eeew! Let me just say that the combination is not worth a second sip hehe

Next stop shoe shopping and more food post ahead!