Walt Disney Pictures presents Tangled

I am not a movie critic but I was lucky enough to be invited to a special screening of Walt Disney Pictures' latest cartoon entitled Tangled.  It was held last Saturday in Columbia Pictures Preview Room, Shangrila Plaza Mall. 

Tangled is a modern day comedy and action adventure film made for the entire family. It is a story with a twist about Rapunzel and her 70 feet hair, her chameleon sidekick and avid supporter- Pascal, the Captain of the Guard's horse named Maximus and of course, protagonist/antagonist hero in the movie, Flynn Rider and life happily ever after. 

cast of Tangled

The movie starts with a golden flower tucked in a hidden location in the mountain by a selfish old woman who wanted to stay young forever. The flower is soon discovered to have a gift giving life. It is then presented to the ailing pregnant queen. Soon, Rapunzel is born.
The selfish woman, Mother Gothel, discovers the power of the flower transferred to Rapunzel's hair.  She takes the baby under her care. Locked in a tower, Rapunzel grows up not a hapless young woman. Her everyday life includes reading, baking and drawing on walls. She also talks to a naughty chameleon named Pascal.

She could easily defend herself, alright, especially to a thief like Flynn, who seems never get tired of calling her "Blondie" in the entire movie. Every once so often, Mother Gothel visits Rapunzel to get her youth back and never forgets to warn her about the outside world. 

But staying in a locked tower for almost 18 years would get this young lady curious of the world beyond her tower. She especially wanted to see the thousands of lantern floating in the air once a year and happens on her birthday. The king & queen and the entire kingdom light up the lantern hoping for the princess to find her way back home. 

Alas, days before her 18th birthday, Flynn accidentally discovered Rapunzel's tower while running away from the Stabbington Brothers. Flynn wittingly double crossed the pair of thugs for the princess' crown. 

Rapunzel, with the help of a pan, held Flynn captive. Unless he agrees to accompany her to the thousand floating lanterns and bring her back to the tower safely, Rapunzel will not give him back his prized possession. That's where their misadventure begins. With Mother Gothel, thugs and kingdom guards after them, running is their only option. 

I watched the entire movie in 3D and I never got bored! Kids behind and in front of me were laughing throughout the movie. The songs were catchy especially the one sang every time the hair performs its healing power. If the gauge of ranking this movie is the kids' laughter, I will give it a 5 out of 5!

There is a sneak preview on January 24 and 25, 2011. Regular showing on February 2, 2011 in Digital 3D and regular format in theaters near you!