Swiss Miss Hot Cocoa Mix

Swiss Miss is another Christmas gift I received from 2 different persons this time! For two consecutive years, I got Swiss Miss package from my aunt. This year, a neighbor of mine gave me a set of 4 different flavors of Swiss Miss. So, I tasted like 7 variants of this brand. 

Swiss Miss pack

I love the Swiss Miss Hot Cocoa Mint Chocolate variant is my favorite. I love the hint of minty taste in my cup of chocolate drink. It delivers smooth taste in my mouth. I often mixed it with hot water and refrigerated fresh non fat milk

Another favorite of mine is the French Vanilla variant. Vanilla + Chocolate is pure heaven!

I haven't tasted the Swiss Miss Variety Pack yet which includes 10- 1 oz. envelopes. Flavors include Milk Chocolate with Marshmallows, Rich Chocolate and Milk Chocolate. I am eyeing Swiss Miss Milk Chocolate with Marshmallows. I think it will bring so much good childhood memories!