The 2nd Philippine International Pyromusical Competition

My visit: February 26, 2011

Competing countries: China and France
Seaside Blvd., Mall of Asia

Last Saturday at around 5pm, I got a phone call from our dear friend, JS, asking if we want to watch The 2nd Philippine International Pyromusical Competition featuring the countries China and France together with her family. DH and I were a bit hesitant at first because of the horrendous traffic we have experience a few years ago. Back then it was only a showcase of fireworks display.  Imagine coming home around 2am or was it 3am with a very full bladder so we vowed never to return again.

But we took JS words in stride when she said "We are going to be seated front and center with food and drinks." OMG, she was not kidding when she said those words. The pyromusical display was like watching a 3D movie with the firework display coming right at me as I was seated literally in front and center of it all. 

pyromusical entry from France

The show we watched was the third installment of the monthlong pyromusical competition. The event kick off last February 12 with South Korea and Spain and will end on March 12 with the participation of Australia and the Philippines. 

Schedule of event- every Saturday from February 12- March 12, 2011 from 7pm to 9pm
  • South Korea and Spain
  • Portugal and United Kingdom
  • China and France
  • Japan and Canada
  • Australia and Philippines
under the brightly lit sky

Famous fashion designer Frederick Peralta was one of the five judges that night. There was never a dull moment last night. Fire dancers, lion & dragon dance and a baritone singer performed during intermission. The weather was breezy. I love it!

dragon and lion dance 

China Pyromusical display was grandiose and colorful. The effects were amazing. There were different sizes and shapes formed as the fireworks shoot and blow up in the sky. I could have taken more photos but instead decided to be selfish. I leaned back on my seat and watched with amazement the magical fireworks on display.

China's entry to the 2nd Philippine Interational Pyromusical Competition

this is a favorite of mine

did I say the word "grand"already?

oh and this one is a fav too!

nice positioning of fireworks

finale of China firework display

China ended the display with a bang! There was an hour of intermission before France. While waiting for the next show, I saw China team being interviewed by a local TV network, NET 25. I quickly called DH and took the photo below.

Liuyang Jinsheng fireworks for team China

DH and I wearing our awesome pair of eyeglasses haha

In terms of timing and choreography, France is in for the win. The accompanying music is in sync with the firework display! I find the firework display lacking the grandness and color of China though. And I think France's performance was a bit short compared to that of China which was a bit longer. It's that or I just can't get enough of the fireworks hehe You can compare the following photos below (France) and from the photos above (China).

France's entry to the 2nd Philippine Interational Pyromusical Competition

spectacular design from France

electrifying blue

 this is nice, noh?

 this is creepy nice lol

 France's fire and rain

France's firework is a bit low

France's Lacroix- Ruggieri

France's finale

During finale, France gave it all. The colorful spark brightens the sky that night. The group has redeemed themselves. I hope that one of the countries that I have watch will win. 

The event is brought to you by Platinum Fireworks, Inc. and SM Mall of Asia. Incidentally, the barge used was from Asian Shipping Corp. For tickets call 4702222 or thru SM Tickets. Ticket prices are PhP1500 (VIP +dinner), PhP500 (VIP), PhP200 (Gold) and PhP100 (Silver).

All photos were taken with my Canon Ixus 860IS on firework setting.

Thanks JS for the invitation!