Taiwan Chronicle: Shilin Night Market

 My visit: December 29, 2010

Shilin Night Market
Jiantan Exit Red Line
Taipei, Taiwan

One of the most crowded if not the most popular night market in Taipei! The area is known not only as a shopping haven but also food haven as well. So, if you think that spending time eating in Danshui during the day will stop us from craving Taipei food, think again. 

shabu shabu set meal  #3 NTD160

In my previous post, I shared about my hidden talent- eating while walking ; p It was a maze going in and out of the side streets, sampling almost all the food that can be bought lol Of course, a little bit of shopping was included. 

It was close to midnight when I realized how hungry I was. DH let me choose the restaurant. I settled for a place that offered a combo meal of shabu shabu (pork, beef and lamb) with rice, red bean on ice and unlimited tea- red/ green tea and wintermelon tea. A trivia: wintermelon milk tea in mandarin is "tong kwa nai cha"

red bean on ice

This dessert is not so good so we opted to order another dessert on ice- kiwi and strawberries! Now, this is love!

kiwi and strawberries on ice 

I forgot the actual price for this dessert. All I can remember is that it costs more than NTD100. A price well worth it. Shaved ice was creamy and the fruits on top were yummy!

My Taipei travelogue is almost over! But I still have more to show you in my next few posts!