Taiwan Chronicle: Danshui

My visit: December 29, 2010

Taipei, Taiwan


Danshui Harbor

Danshui is like the San Miguel By The Bay of Taipei! I love this place. I have to go back every time I visit Taipei.

sunset at Danshui

And you thought that I am through with the day because I had the most relaxing bath ever... nope! I am not yet done. Feeling energized, we went straight to Danshui! We miss the food lol

chopped squid NTD100

You can choose different powders as topping for the squid. We chose wasabi. Waaaaaah! Too hot to handle lol

NTD10 ice cream

The ice cream is nice to look at and hold but bland in taste!

kamote cue

Hot Star Large Fried Chicken

The biggest chunk of chicken ever! We shared a piece and would you believe we couldn't finish the entire thing!

Hot Star discounted drink

We were given 3 pieces of NTD5 discount coupon we can use for buying drinks. We were able to use only 1 coupon hehe

ice cream man turned fat

this is the same man a few years back 

side street of Danshui

The layout has not change much. Stalls selling various things were still in the same area as before.


I miss Precious, my pomeranian when I saw this pooch. Dogs are everywhere in Taipei!

walking while eating

This is what we do, we eat while walking. Too many food too little time lol

Danshui's takoyaki is the best!

My next post will be a giveaway from Pond's! Stay tuned!