TheFaceShop: Matte Face Oil Blotting Film

TheFaceShop Matte Face Oil Blotting Film PhP215

Eew! OMG, I can't believe my face is this icky oily! I tried using other brands but I find TheFaceShop's matte oil blotting film absorbs oil better in one press on any one area of my face like my nose and forehead. 

This is the first product I have tried from TheFaceShop. I searched online and found out that this same product is less expensive in other countries like Singapore and Korea, where it originated. The pack contains 50 blue sheets so that's like paying PhP4.50 per sheet. Each sheet is 55mm x 85mm in size. 

Facts about TheFaceShop Matte Face Oil Blotting Film:
  • allergy tested
  • made of polypropylene film
  • better absorbent
  • silky smooth texture
I would likely buy this product again in Korea hehe I hope to visit it soon!