Yumemiya Japanese Cafe

My visit: April 9, 2011

Yumemiya Japanese Cafe
47 Connecticut St., 
Upper Ground floor, NorthEast Square Bldg.,
Greenhills, San Juan
7224838   7210700

DH and I were supposed to find where Lugang Cafe is located but instead we ended up in this newly opened restaurant called Yumemiya Japanese Cafe. A huge banner caught my eye as we were driving along Connecticut street. DH had to make a U turn because it was a little bit too late when I pointed at the sign. One good thing about restaurants in Ortigas is the basement parking. Street parking is also available. 

The interior and cozy atmosphere reminded me of UCC Cafe. Several families were already dining and others were already done with their meal when we walked in.

Cakes are displayed near the cashier. The narrow entrance leads to a wider dining area at the back. I overheard a staff who was in panic because a diner was locked inside the toilet.  I hope by this time they have already solved the problem with the toilet lock. 

I noticed that their menu was limited. If I remembered it right, they don't serve sushi nor sashimi. 

 kama- age udon with miso meat sauce and egg PhP378

DH settled for noodles called kama-age. Kama- age udon is accompanied by a dipping soy sauce. The noodles are quite good. The meat sauce was tomato- based, topped with egg and sprinkled with green onion or scallion.

Udon is one of the most popular Japanese noodles.  It is made of wheat flour, water and salt.

deep fried squid PhP178

This deep fried squid is part of the appetizer. I am glad we ordered it because I made a mistake of ordering my risotto below.

risotto with garden vegetables and mixed grains in tomato sauce PhP238

I was not expecting my order to just have red and green bell pepper as the toppings. It had the same taste as DH's meat sauce. I ate the deep fried squid with risotto. 

I would keep this in mind and order a different kind of risotto next time. 

kanten-jelly with red bean, chestnut and dumplings PhP199

Red beans are my favorite so I really have to order this, plus, we wanted to try the dessert too. It is served with green tea. I find the order small for its price. But its good nonetheless. 

Kanten means Japanese Isinglass. Isinglass is a kind of gelatin obtained fish and used in making jellies. 

I would like to try their coffee on my next visit. 

How was your holy week? I checked in a hotel yesterday. Today, I visited a church for the station of the cross. In the afternoon, I went to The Fort. I was surprised to see so many people who didn't leave Manila. More restaurants are open too! 

Looking forward to Easter Sunday!