Easter treat!

Hello! How was your weekend? I woke up last Thursday not having a single plan in my head. I even tweeted that I will most probably be staying home. Without an advance booking in any resort, I am bound to stay home the entire duration of the holy week. STAYCATION that's the word haha 

I was starting to feel bummed because I have zero plan for Holy week. I know, it should be a time for reflection of one's sin but everybody's on vacation mode. I need to get out of the house. I miss the beach, the sun minus my freckles showing up haha Not exactly what I got because instead of a beach, my family and I checked-in to Edsa Shangri- la Manila. 

 my sister and I

We stayed overnight in the Garden Wing which is PhP500 more expensive than the other rooms of the same category. No view, just the street below, the additional payment doesn't give justice to what we got. 

The room has a king sized bed plus a sofa bed. We didn't use the sofa bed instead requested for an extra bed with a thicker cushion and lots and lots of pillows hehe Complimentary broadband internet and wi-fi inside our room weeeeee! 

Our stay at the hotel was not bad because I get to swim for two days! I need to burn those calories from all the food I ate. Pool is open from 6am to 9pm. Pool towels are available upon request.

A total of 4 pax is allowed per room to use its spa facilities like sauna, steam, hot & cold jacuzzi and also the gym.

watercress dumpling PhP200

After an early check in at 11 am. We enjoyed dim sum for lunch in Summer Palace at 50% off with a voucher from Club Edsa Shangri-la membership card. 

breakfast buffet in HEAT PhP1397

Breakfast starts from 6am to 10 pm. Buffet breakfast for two is free. Price for breakfast buffet is at PhP1397 per pax. 

 grilled pork chops PhP495

We had a late lunch on Friday in The Stock Market, The Fort. We were strolling and saw that many people did not leave Manila all along. More on The Stock Market in my next post!

Chirashi Special PhP500

Dinner on a Friday night was at Domo Maguro. More on that in my next post.

Black Saturday in Enchanted Kingdom

At Enchanted Kingdom... the Magic stays with you!

After a late breakfast, we headed out to Enchanted Kingdom. We got there in less than an hour. After watching Yogi Bear in 4D, cheering the performers, riding the carousel and the Boulderville Express, at around 3pm, we were on our way back home.

with my parents 

Back in Manila on a hot Saturday afternoon, we decided to go to Ace Water Spa for a relaxing hydrotherapy massage. 

Since it's a holiday, the place were thronged with people. We have to line up in every massage system. Some people were very inconsiderate. Knowing that there were people in line, they just would not get up and give up the space once they are over and done with it. Normally, it would only take about an hour to finish and experience all 20 unique and fully automatic Ultrasonic Massage System and then go for another round. That particular day, we only get to try everything out once... in two hours. The waiting time is longer than the actual massage which only took 3-5 minutes per machine. 

I noticed that not all of their Ultrasonic Massage System are in working condition. The hot herbal pool was not hot enough. The jet shower is not functioning correctly.  

I hope they can improve and maintain their facilities. 

Adult- PhP550
Kids- PhP250

Reminder to bring the ff:
  • swimming attire- bathing suit (women); trunks/cycling shorts (men)
  • bath towel
Shampoo and body wash are provided as well as plastic for wet clothes. Food and drinks are not allowed. You can order food and beverages in their Coffee Lounge.

399 Del Monte Ave.,
San Francisco Del Monte
Quezon City
3307776   3678041   3678041

Sunday, I spent time with DH gallivanting around Megamall haha My weekend turned out to be fun filled and exciting one after all!