Jacob's Shawarma

My visit: April 18, 2011

Unit 115 AIC Grande Tower 
Garnet & Sapphire Road
2277686   2121212

I have been meaning to try this restaurant for quite some time. I usually saw its sign on my way to Robinson's Galleria. At last, I was able to eat at Jacob's Shawarma with my parents when I went to visit my cousin's shop. DH needed a tailor made barong

my mom eating chicken shawarma pita 8" PhP95

My mom can't stop raving about how good the chicken shawarma is. She kept saying "Hmmm... sarap!" lol The wrap may be thin but it was certainly filling. I love it especially when I put lemon sauce on top. It gives off a tangy taste to balance the sweet taste of tomatoes and onions. 

 beef kebab pita PhP175

Both orders were sliced into three that way my parents and I can each taste the chicken and beef kebab pita. The beef kebab was hard to chew. My mom said we should have ordered two chicken pita instead or we could have saved money too because chicken pita is available at 12" haha

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apple iced tea PhP50, lemon sauce and water PhP25; pink plastic trash can on the left

They don't give Senior Citizen discount. They don't have service water either so I ordered an apple iced tea which is really good and a bottled water. A plastic trash can is placed on the table so you can clear and throw your trash on your way out. 

Next time I drop by, I will order the 12" chicken pita and lamb- available only on Tuesday and Saturday.