El Centro Fruit Shakes in Boracay

This is our second fruit shake in a day. The first one was in Jonah's Fruit Shake which costs twice as much as El Centro's fruit shake. 

 El Centro's Avocado fruit shake PhP50

El Centro is found right smack in the middle of Station 2. I terribly needed this fruit shake. After walking the whole stretch of all 3 stations, I am so out of energy to even lift a finger!

enjoying my fresh avocado shake

The avocado was creamy! I love it! It's perfect for the sunny day. I have to drink a lot of water afterwards though. I am afraid I would get a sore throat from drinking a lot of fruit shakes in one day.

Gevi enjoying a call from her love ones

The photos below were taken earlier in the day in Jonah's Fruit Shake

Melon Mango PhP110

smooth creamy melon mango

With good company, sun and the beach, I couldn't ask for more!