Experience Hong Kong Noodles Bistro in NS Amoranto

My visit: June 11, 2011

Hong Kong Noodles Bistro
529 N.S. Amoranto Sr. Ave.,
corner Pao St.,
Quezon City

DH is very familiar with Banawe area. When he spots a new restaurant, he would sometimes dine alone. If I am lucky enough to be with him that day, I will be able to take photos of the food we ate and share them with you. I guess this is one of my lucky day!

Hong Kong Noodles Bistro is a fairly new restaurant. A signage along N.S. Amoranto is not that visible and you might just pass by it without noticing that its there. I suggest that you eat here if you are a big fan of noodles like DH or if you are addicted to lamb like me.

house special beef ramen PhP188

The house special beef ramen is filled to the brim with beef, noodles, adobo egg and Taiwan pechay. The beef is not as tender as DH wants it to be but the quality of the noodles made up for it. He didn't know that this order has an adobo egg already. Sigh! When will men learn how to ask? Anyway, he ordered one extra adobo egg for an additional PhP18.

 braised lamb rice PhP148

I can already smell my order as it was being placed on our table. Little cubes of lamb, black fungus mushroom (tenga ng daga) and bamboo shoots are on top of a hefty serving of rice. It is really nice to eat this while it's still warm.

 radish cake PhP78

We ordered three kinds of dim sum. The radish cake came with pickled green papaya (atchara) and a hot sauce on the side. It's crunchy on the outside. It was cooked exactly how we wanted our radish cake to be.

 asado siopao 3pcs. PhP78

spareribs PhP68

The other two dim sum that we ordered were spareribs and asado siopao. Both were good. I was just able to taste a teeny weeny bit of the spareribs because I was already too full from the braised lamb rice. There is no service charge so be sure to leave a tip on your way out!

DH and I will certainly be back for more delicious food. I am bombarding you now with food posts hahaha 

Good night!