An upside down experience with DQ Dairy Queen Blizzard!

My visit: May 20, 2011

Dairy Queen (DQ)
SM Megamall 

Can you start shopping and not eat? I know I can't! I really need to fill up my tummy before me and my friends can start with our shopping escapade. Reggie has several BPI charge slips, she offered to treat us in Dairy Queen DQ. 

2 DQ Blizzards with PhP5000 BPI credit card charge slip

Cherie and I got 1 cup of DQ Blizzards each. I ordered Rocky Road while Cherie got a Double Dutch. Each DQ Blizzard 9 oz. costs Php69. But with Reggie's BPI charge slip, we got ours for free! You have to have a single receipt BPI charge slip worth PhP5000. 

serve upside dow or its FREE

In the photo above, I was trying to imitate DQ's trademark move "Serve upside down or it's FREE!" I was kinda scared that the whole content would drop on the floor hahaha Look at the position of my spoon as if it can hold and stop the thick soft serve ice cream if it really falls down on the ground lol

Reggie got a DQ sandwich in her hand

With PhP1500 charge slip, you can get 2 DQ sandwich worth PhP39 each. Our pre shopping snack were all for free. Yummy!

Hurry! You can still redeem your DQ until July 19, 2011.