House of Minis Revisited!

My visit: June 12, 2011

House of Minis
104 E. Rodriguez Jr.
Ugong, Pasig City

We don't eat beef in our house because I don't buy beef in the supermarket anymore. I seldom eat beef when I am dining out but every now and then I miss the taste of it. 

How long I have not eaten a beef? Hmmm, way too long! That's why when one of the members of my family suggested to have Sunday dinner in House of Minis, I could not agree more. 

We don't have any reservation but we were given a table right away. The server knew my family because he saw us grow up. Yes, we have been coming back to this restaurant since we were kids. We used to go to their Greenhills branch inside Greenhills Shopping Center when we were still younger. Lately, my family has been accustomed to the ambiance of their Pasig branch so this is where they have their favorite steak. 

porterhouse steak mini PhP400; regular PhP470

We had two orders of porterhouse steak. One mini for my brother and one regular to be shared by my mom and my sister. Porterhouse steak is a large steak from the thick end of the short loin containing T-shape bone and large piece of tenderloin.

The steak is served on a cast iron plate. Once the plate is served on the table, the sauce is poured. The result is a sizzling hot steak! Thick slices of potatoes and buttered vegetables are on the side.

vegetable salad

bread & butter; mushroom soup

Each order of steak comes with bread & butter, single serve mushroom soup, vegetable salad with thousand island sauce and a scoop of ice cream at the end of the meal.

The bread rolls are baked in their kitchen and is served warm. The mushroom soup is not as thick and creamy as I would like it to be but it was alright. The vegetable salad consists of shredded lettuce and tomatoes. The choice of ice cream depends on the available flavor of the day. 

tenderloin steak mini PhP380; regular 440

My dad and I each ordered tenderloin steak mini. Tenderloin steak is the most tender part of the beef. It comes from the short loin- the least exercised part of the animal. 

My steak is tender and juicy. A mini is enough to fill my hungry tummy. You can request for your favorite A1 sauce and Lea & Perrins from the server. I could not believe I was able to finish everything!

My family and I always have a wonderful time in House of Minis. It is not too expensive as compared to other steak restaurants. You got the ambiance- check, food- check, and service- check. What more can you ask for?

By the way, this is a perfect date venue because there is a pianist playing wonderful music in the background. 

Wait for my next food update! I have a lot more up my sleeves. Got to go and hit the gym ; p