A quick lunch at Taibun Bakery and Coffee Shop!

My visit: June 16, 2011

Taibun Bakery and Coffee Shop
331 P. Guevarra St.,
Little Baguio, San Juan

When my parents were looking for a place to eat for lunch, I suggested Taibun Bakery and Coffee Shop along P. Guevarra, San Juan. There are 2 parking spaces in front of the bakery. You can also opt to park on the side of the road adjacent to the bakery when the parking slots in front are already taken. It is a walking distance to Serenitea.

Once we entered, I can smell freshly baked breads. It reminded me of the quaint bakeries I used to frequent in Taipei. A few pieces of each kind of bread were displayed on the shelves. Cakes were also on display next to the counter. There was a separate room for dining area. If there is a dining area then this restaurant must have more than bread and cake to offer. I was right! Next to the counter, I saw a laminated menu. There were a couple of sets to choose from. We ordered a set of chicken and another set of pork meal. 

light cheese PhP60

Light cheese is just that! It is very light in texture. Recently, I went back with DH to Taibun, I ended up ordering another serving of light cheese for take out. I put it inside the refrigerator and tried portioning it so it can last me for several days. I ate the last slice last night ; (  I can't wait for my next purchase of light cheese!

pork set meal PhP100

Pork set meal includes an orange juice, scrambled egg and garlic rice. Kanin palang, ulam na! This is my mom's order but since I am blogging about it, I get to sample taste everything ; ) It seemed that it was cooked with more soy sauce than needed. The pork is a bit salty. I think we should have mix the whole thing like fried rice.

milk tea with coffee jelly PhP75

I ended up ordering milk tea with coffee jelly for myself. I find it too sweet though that I ended up adding water to it and gave half of the drink to my mom. 

chicken set meal PhP100

I like the chicken more than the pork. Although both have the same taste which is soy sauce, the chicken is not that salty as compared to pork. I will definitely going to mix everything next time. Yes, I will still order this because I love how the garlic rice tastes like. I think it has onion in it so its quite different. It smells so good!

vanilla cake 3 pcs. PhP99

I ordered a pack of vanilla cake. A pack consists of 3 slices of chiffon cakes. I can eat all three in one seating but I restrained myself. I ended up eating one slice when I got home. The remaining two, I ate during breakfast for two consecutive days. Hmmm, I didn't share hahaha

I can't wait for my next trip to Taibun. Maybe on the next tweet up!