New find: Golden Leaf Hong Kong Fine Dine Restaurant

My visit: July 9, 2011

Golden Leaf Hong Kong FIne Dine Restaurant
83 Genmar Building 
Roces Ave., Laging Handa,
Quezon City 
4131479   4131502

My friend, Cherie, has been raving about a new restaurant in Quezon City called Golden Leaf that serves good food at inexpensive price. I got curious and decided to head down to this restaurant for my Saturday date night. Since we were there a little after 5 in the afternoon, we were able to park right away.  I think the parking space can accommodate 5 to 6 cars at any given time. I don't know if they offer valet service or if they have other parking spaces aside from the ones in front of the restaurant. 

Prince beans with Chinese sausage PhP220

Similar to King Chef's French beans but with a twist- chorizo! The Chinese sausage (chorizo) is a bit salty. Try to eat it together with string beans and a spoonful of rice to balance the taste. At the later part of the meal, I was eating the chorizo by itself because I find it so addicting!

Chinese sausage is usually made out of pork and a bit of fat. 

fried squid with shrimp paste PhP330

Since this is our first time in this restaurant, what we ordered were mostly chef's recommendation. You all know that DH is "allergic" to deep fried food. When he saw that word "fried" on the menu, he was imagining about breaded squid and that's a no-no for him. The waiter was quick to explain that this dish doesn't involve the use of bread crumbs. I am glad we ordered this dish because the saltiness of shrimp paste and the blandness of squid has given this dish a flavorful combination. 

bamboo shell with broccoli PhP200

This was definitely not on the menu but the waiter suggested that the chef can cook the bamboo shell with broccoli for us. We were thinking what an odd combination. It turned out that they removed all the shells and got out all the meat. The meat was sauteed along with the steamed broccoli. Spicy!

braised goat PhP380

Another chef's recommendation was the braised goat. Initially, I thought that this order will be mabuto. I was wrong, it was full of goat's tender meat. Most of the meat have already fallen off the bone. I like this because it has no lansa factor. 

Braised means fry lightly and then cooked slowly in a closed container.

cucumber shake Php50

When I saw how inexpensive their fruit shakes were, I ordered a cucumber shake for myself. It was refreshing but I like the version of Romulo Cafe more. I can initially taste watermelon on the first sip and then the citrusy flavor of the cucumber. 

Can you see the wanton wrapper in the background of the last photo? That was the appetizer that was served to us. Crunchy and yummy! The rice costs PhP30 each.

The next day, Sunday, DH together with my MIL and SIL went back again to this restaurant to have dinner. Yeah, you are reading it right! DH was that satisfied with this restaurant that he went back the very next day! Only to be slightly disappointed e.g. the braised goat's meat was mixed with slices of pork asado. There was no trace of pork asado the day before. So, I guess, the restaurant has to learn how to deal with consistency in terms of its food. I say, give it a little more time to adjust. After all, the restaurant is only about two months old. There is always room for improvement!

The good news--> There is no service charge!