How to: Properly Care for your Contact Lenses

My event: August 18, 2011

CIBA Vision/ FreshLook ColorBlends
Kirin Chinese Dining
Bonifacio High Street
The Fort

I have been wearing contact lenses half of my life. I am a hypocrite if I say that I didn't try any other brand aside from FreshLook. Yes, I did. But I always go back. Why? Because when I am wearing it,  I feel that my eyes do not tire that easily and it's so thin that when you wear FreshLook contact lenses, you don't feel anything that there is something in between your eyes and your eyelid. 

FreshLook ColorBlends

The contact lenses you see above have one month validity from the day you opened it. But studies showed that you can use it up to a maximum of two months. It doesn't matter if you have only used it once or you are using it everyday, you have to throw it away along with the case after two months lest you want to suffer from harmful bacteria and other sediments that can cause a lot of eye problem.

Printed on each foil casing is the brand name, the color of the lenses, the grade, LOT number and the expiration date. Inside each foil case is 1 sterile contact lens, 45% phemfilcon A, 55% water, in borate buffered saline containing 0.05% Poloxamer. 

this is how FreshLook ColorBlends one month disposable boxes looks like

The photo above shows the front and back of the box. You can find a pair of soft sterile contact lenses inside a box. 

 Solo Care Aqua All in One Solution 300 ml; also available in 90 ml sterile bottle

Solo Care Aqua product description:

A isotonic , aqueous anti-microbial/ antibacterial solution containing: polyhexanide 0.0001%, Hydrolock*, sodium phosphate, tromethmine, poloxamer 407, disodium edetate. 

Even before I was given the 90ml Solo Care Solution, I already have the 300ml bottle which I am currently using. I have used a cheaper brand before and my eyes felt heavy and often have muta... super grossed!

You have to throw the entire solution whether or not you finished an entire bottle within three months.

*HydroLock- Lock in the moisture.

breakthrough MicroBlock* antibacterial lens case

This specially designed lens case kills the germs that live where you keep your contact lenses. This lens case is made from plastic infused ions- attack bacteria and microorganisms killing them on contact. The good news is that it comes with every purchase of the solution. 

Microorganisms commonly found in lens cases:

  • Staphylococcus aureus
  • Pseudomonas aeruginosa
  • Serratia marcescens
*MicroBlock- Block out Bacteria.

The following photos show how to disinfect your contact lenses:

 wash your hands thoroughly and towel dry before touching your lens

open lens case

The photo shows how I arrange my lens case in front of me when I am putting on or taking off my contact lenses. In this way, I will know which lens goes to my right eye and which lens should go to my left eye. Or you can also take one screw cap off at a time, this way you can't mix it up.

open the lens case, remove the lens and place in the palm of your hand

Apply at least three drops of multi purpose solution to each lens surface then gently rub in circular motion for at least 10 seconds. Rinse the lens thoroughly while rubbing between the thumb and forefinger for at least 10 seconds.

correct lens (right side)

incorrect side of the lens (inside out)

To know if the lens you are handling is right side up, place the lens at the tip of your forefinger, if the lens' edge is slightly outward then it's inside out. If the lens is U shaped or curved upward then it's the correct side of the lens. You are now ready to place it in your eyes.

The following photos were taken during the CIBA Vision/ FreshLook event:

How to put on contacts lenses:

place and balance the lens on the tip of your left forefinger

use your right forefinger to pull up the upper lid and left middle finger to pull down the lower lid

I always put a few drops of solution onto my lens prior to inserting it into my eye.

see the difference of wearing colored contact lens

Things to remember in storing your contact lenses:

  1. Discard solution from lens case, rinse the case with the solution
  2. Do not close the cap on if the case is empty,  let it air dry
  3. Soak your lenses for 5 minutes before you can use it again

with Franco of Bridges

with my model/ neighbor, Rowena

with Valerie Chua, Marj Sia and Tricia Gosingtian

Whew! This is a long informative post! Till my next post... Have a great long weekend!