Korean Village Restaurant Nakpil, Malate

My visit: August 7, 2011

Korean Village Restaurant
566 J. Nakpil St.,
Malate, Manila

Eating in Korean Village Restaurant brings back childhood memories. Having lived in Manila, we used to eat here often when my sibling and I were much younger. Since my family moved farther north, we have less and less chance of eating at this inexpensive but authentic Korean restaurant. 

 grilling plate at the center of our table

Before Yakimix, there is already Korean Village Restaurant that offers DIY grilling of meat at the center of the table. 

The exhaust system couldn't handle all the smoke so once you eat here, your clothes go straight to the laundry bin.

free appetizer: anchovy

I think we ate a lot of dilis that night... sarap!

looks like the chicken is done

My brother was tasked to be the cook for the night. Look at the two of the three empty plates on the right. He mastered that art of grilling ; p

barbecue chicken PhP150

barbecue beef PhP180

Each plate of raw meat is already marinated. You just have to put it on the grilling plate until it's cooked. You can pour the excess sauce on the plate to the grilling plate. Caution: You will smell like a barbecue when done ; p

Yuck Hoe PhP280

According to my DS, Yuck Hoe is a beef sashimi. You eat it raw by mixing the egg together with the lettuce and the beef. She said it's so yummy! I couldn't get pass the rawness of this dish ; (

salmon sashimi PhP280

California Maki PhP140

We also ordered Tempura Shrimp (PhP180) and 4 cups of rice (PhP40 each). 

bibimbop PhP180

Cafe Monaco's version of bibimbop is better.

free pineapple dessert

This establishment gives senior citizens a 20% discount. Service Charge is not added to the bill.  

my dad and brother

It was a Sunday when we ate in Korean Village so the place was really full. My brother took our orders directly to the cashier because he knew the place too well. We have been eating here since we were kids, remember?

sandwiched in between my sister and my mom

More Sunday family affair in the next few posts!