Flapjacks Blockbuster Favorite- It's Back... Better... Best!

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Greenhills Theater Mall
San Juan City

Flapjacks is bringing it all back! Presenting the comeback of Flapjacks' blockbuster favorite! I was given a voucher to sample the items on their "Back... Better... Best" menu.

mango exotica (lunch) PhP195

My parents and I used the voucher last Tuesday after my work out at the gym nearby. I know what you are thinking! Don't judge me, ok? At least I work out before I eat ; p

I gave the voucher to the manager and he immediately acknowledged it. As I browsed through the menu that was handed to us by the waiter, a salad called Mango Exotica immediately caught my eye. 

Mango Exotica is made up of romaine lettuce topped with slices of mangoes, croutons, California raisins, grilled chicken and tangy mango vinaigrette. Dried cranberries replaced the almond slivers. 

My mom could not stop raving about the salad. I caught her saying "Hmmm ang sarap!" as she was munching on it lol Crunchy veggies and the cranberries really made the difference. Mango Exotica is also available in Regular portion for only PhP325.

Lemon- Pepper Pan Seared White Fish PhP295

Lemon Pepper Pan Seared White Fish was served next. The white fish was pan fried in olive oil. A slice of lemon was on top with herbed rice and chef's veggies on the side.

I am not fond of Dory fish and I wish restaurants in general would find a better alternative for it. 

Back... Better... Best! The comeback of your Blockbuster Favorites

The other two blockbuster include The Original Hashbrown Burger and Chicken Stuffed Parmigiana. 

The Original Hashbrown Burger (PhP350) is mouthwatering pan seared beef patty with fresh tomatoes and lettuce. Topped with golden fried hashbrown and American cheese.

Chicken Stuffed Parmigiana (PhP325) is breaded fried chicken stuffed with fresh cheddar cheese with linguine pasta and marinara sauce.

Filipino Platter PhP375

Going to Flapjacks is not complete without having a taste of their breakfast menu. I decided to try on their Filipino Platter. It's basically a Filipino breakfast sampler of corned beef, tocino and longanisa with 2 sunny side up egg and a hefty serving of garlic rice. 

The longanisa is my type. It's not overly sweet and not fatty. In fact, I have no use for the vinegar served together with this order because the longanisa is good as is.

Granny's Favorite PhP125

One of the drinks I ordered was Granny's Favorite. This refreshing drink is made of apple and orange. I love it!

Granny Smith Apple Burger PhP295

After tasting Granny's Favorite, I ordered Granny Smith Apple Burger- onions, tomatoes, beef patty and a single slice of apple with generous serving of french fries. A good pair indeed!

cucumber breeze PhP95

Cucumber Breeze is a cool drink perfect for people like me who had just finish running the treadmill for a good 30 minutes!

I still have a couple of gift certificates left and I plan to use it for breakfast after my morning run on weekends. Pancakes and waffles... yum!