McDonald's Reopens 4 Stores on its 30th year!

My event: September 29, 2011

Makati Cinema Square
Makati City

For the very first time, four McDonald's stores will simultaneously open today, September 30 at 8am. Collectively known as The Anniversary Stores- McDonald's Makati Cinema Square, Greenhills, North Avenue and Quezon Avenue commemorates the opening of it's very first store in Morayta in 1981. 

McDonald's 30 Years of Magic

These four stand alone stores differ in design concept yet still offer the same McDonald's experience- great tasting food and excellent service!

McDonald's Makati Cinema Square- as seen in the following photos after the break, offers neutral yet savvy design that's distinctly modern.

McDonald's Greenhills- calls its design LIM, short for Less Is More, a very playful interior that focuses on fun and casual dining.

McDonald's Quezon Avenue- a bullseye that is prominently displayed on the wall is just one of the graphics that separates one section from the other.

Mc Donald's North Avenue- a contemporary cafe look provides customer with warmth and comfort.

All four stores bear the signature red blade and white ribbon at the store's exterior with pylon carrying the Golden Arches.

McDonald's Golden Arches balloons for the store opening day

Animetric and I with Ronald McDonald

The event started an hour and a half late so Rowena and I were one of the first few people able to take a photo with Ronald McDonald.

ladies' toilet

Similar drawings can be found all over the store. Now, you won't be confused which door is which ; p

Ronald McDonald giving away tokens to bloggers who can answer the trivia questions

After repeatedly watching McDonald's commercial, the event finally started. To liven up the mood, Ronald gave away several food vouchers to bloggers who can answer a McDonald's trivia question. 

Here are some of the trivia I learned during the event:

  • Greenhills branch is the very first McDonald's Drive-Thru in the Philippines.
  • Sharon Cuneta has been doing commercials with McDo since 1996
  • McDo serves breakfast starting at 4am
  • Ronald McDonald's shoe size is 14.5
  • Heinz ketchup sachets are numbered from 1-8- I didn't notice it until now. See photo below. 

 Below are more fun trivia:

any idea who/ what Grimace represent?

what about Birdie?

with Ronald McDonald after the event

 bright and wide counter

With nearly 300 stores nationwide, some are open 24/7, McDonald's is introducing Dessert Center and McCafe in continuing commitment to giving Filipinos only the best they deserve. 

Another good news is that McDonald's is bring back Strawberry Sundae... woot!

Mr. Tidy Man

Know where to throw your trash!

McDonald's Makati Cinema Square's all new interior

Heinz Ketchup with number 1-8 on the upper left hand corner

I tried googling about the significance of these numbers but found nothing. Either that or I am just too sleepy finishing this entry? Ok, just tell me if you know the reason behind it.

another pose with the Ronald McDonald

Go to one of the fours anniversary stores reopening today! McDonald's treats await! Enjoy!