Remember When... SR Thai Cuisine in UST

My visit: September 5, 2011

S.R. Thai Cuisine
965 P. Noval St.,
Sampaloc, Manila

I remember when I was still studying in University of Santo Tomas, I used to eat in S. R. Thai only on special occasions. When you only have PhP35 allowance a day, you really have to save up for a good meal. 

S.R. bagoong rice PhP99

Recently, I went back to the university and saw that the restaurant is still open. Naturally, I got excited! I asked DH if he wanted to have our lunch there. Good thing, he agreed.

He ordered bagoong rice- a best seller in my humble opinion. It has slices of green mango, cucumber, coupled with hebi shrimp and pork on top of the rice. A total satisfaction!

 pork with basil leaves PhP79

The sauce is very important for me. As soon as the pork with basil leaves was served, I look for the sweet and a bit spicy sauce and pour it onto the pork... yummy!

S.R. Sizzling Beef PhP99

The beef was tender and tasted good too. DH's complain is that everything tastes the same because I put the same sauce in all three dishes lol It doesn't matter what he said because that's how I eat in S.R. Thai. For me, sauce is everything. 

So many restaurants have sprouted in the area but S.R. Thai has remained a favorite place of mine. At least now, I can afford to go back for more!