Video Tutorial: Messy Hair Bun

Hello! How was your weekend? You have probably seen the photo below in my previous post. This is my own version of messy hair bun. Many have inquired how I did it so I made an instructional video so you too can make your own messy bun!

messy hair bun 

Doing this messy up do is quite easy and it only takes a few seconds!

What you will need:

  • a scrunchie

Watch the video after the break...

DIY: Messy Hair Bun

Step 1: Position your hair up to whichever height you prefer
Step 2: Twist the scrunchie
Step 3: Twist the hair around the scrunchie
Step 4: Tuck the ends of the hair 
Step 5: Move the twisted scrunchie at the back of the head
Step 6: Tuck the lose ends under the scrunchie

I usually sport this hairstyle if my hair is uncooperative and I have to be somewhere important like a wedding reception (see photo above) haha 

I hope you can follow my video tutorial...