Korea Chronicle: Fashionista in Starbucks

My visit: December 28, 2011

Day 6 (1st day DIY Seoul Tour)

Fashionista? Ako yun ; p lol 

The hotel that we stayed in Seoul did not include breakfast in the package. It was a good thing that Seoul have a lot of coffee shops around. But we opted to enter a familiar coffee shop- Starbucks.

me and my signature hot chocolate W4, 800 (PhP192)

It was too late when I saw a menu with calorie count near the cashier. I already ordered a hot chocolate which has around 478 kcal, if I remembered it right. I should have just ordered Starbucks' Coffee Frappuccino which has less than 200 kcal... waaaaaah!

We also ordered Cranberry Chicken sandwich (not in the photo) for W3, 900 (PhP156).

inside Starbucks

I noticed that most fast food chains (e.g. McDonald's etc) include the calorie count beside the food item. If you are on a diet, it will be easier for you to track how much food intake you have already consumed for the day. I wish we have that here in the Philippines. It will be more fun!

school girl get up

Surplus- jacket
Greenhills (Tiangge)- bonnet
Taipei- skirt
Bench- lavender stockings
Korea- socks
Taipei- boots

these boots have been to many places already!

It is very cold!!! The trick is layering your clothes. Of course, a lot of hugging can help too ; p

stir fry beef W10, 500 (PhP420)

We spent the day shopping. For lunch we ate in Mo's Kitchen. We shared an order of beef. 

soy bean udon set W12, 000 (PhP480)

Finally, for dinner, we ate in Domodachi (02-60026243). It is found inside COEX Mall. A set includes mix tempura and a side salad (coleslaw). 

rice topped with pork cutlet with seasoned pork W11, 000 (PhP440)

This order tastes a lot like Gulong's pork minced paste.

Nothing much to tell about what happened on our 6th day (first day of DIY Seoul Tour). But I can say that we had a simple but filling dinner. That is all that matters!

Next day, we went to Lotte World!

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