Dad's 61st Birthday Celebration at Kimpura Greenhills

My visit: February 23, 2012

Kimpura Japanese Restaurant
Greenhills Shopping Center
San Juan, M.M.
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My dad celebrated his 61st birthday in Kimpura, his favorite Japanese restaurant. I figured we don't need a reservation because it was a weekday but when we arrived, several tables were already occupied and the teppan-yaki table was already full.

Kimpura staff singing a birthday song

DH and I arrived earlier than the rest of my family. I gave the birthday cake to the receptionist for safe keeping ; p

In the middle of our dinner, the waiters and waitresses sang "Happy Birthday" song to my dad ; ) The restaurant gave a free ice cream dessert- the one with a lighted candle in the background.

dad's birthday cake from Hizon's

I ordered this in advance, 2 days before Thursday. Hizon's round cake costs PhP1, 100 with one candle included.

1 candle is enough ; p

my parents

dad with my sister

my dad & I

When in a Japanese restaurant, I always order this...

shime saba sushi PhP90@

Two thinly sliced saba over Japanese rice. I didn't share it with them hahaha Ok, we ordered four, I just ate two lol

shake sashimi PhP475

Kimpura is a bit expensive compared to the Japanese restaurants found in Little Tokyo, Makati. Greenhills is nearer our place and this restaurant is a my dad's favorite place so there I rest my case. 

chirashi sushi PhP650

ebiko roll PhP250

ika sashimi PhP250

In a Japanese restaurant, sashimi is usually priced per order while sushi is priced per piece.

Not in the photo are Yakiniku (PhP495), Yaki Gyoza (PhP125), Gyudon (PhP385), Unagi (PhP560), Zaru Soba (PhP185) and Tamago sashimi (PhP90). Either the dish was already eaten or I was busy eating that's why there were no available photos lol

Anyway, this post is about my dad's birthday and not all about Kimpura hahaha Don't worry, I will be in blogger mode next time I visit this restaurant ; p

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