Mall Of Asia Arena presents Jonas Brothers Live in Manila!

October 19, 2012

Jonas Brothers Live in Manila
Mall of Asia Arena
Pasay City
8 pm

DH and I do not know a single song of Kevin Jonas, Joe Jonas and Nick Jonas known worldwide as Jonas Brothers but we went ahead and watched the concert in celebration of his birthday last October 19 ; p Right after we had our dinner in Tajimaya Charcoal Grill, we walked towards the concert venue - Mall of Asia Arena.

360-degree LED display at Mall of Asia Arena

There is a bridge connecting SM Mall of Asia to the Arena. We got there just a few minutes before the front act begins. Performing as the group's front act was a Filipina-American Disney star and San Francisco born actress-singer named Anna Maria Perez de Tagle.

Since "No professional still & moving cameras allowed" in the concert venue, I DH was only able to take a few clear photos. 

Anyway, more about the venue and the concert after the break....

 snack bar near the entrance

Although I saw some kids with their mom in tow, DH and I kinda felt out of place because the crowd was composed of teenagers hanging out with their girl friends ; p We only have each other hahaha

huge calendar wall of the concert venue

I spy J. Lo's concert coming up! Now, that's one concert that I really want to watch.

 Starbucks Signature Hot Chocolate

I saw Starbucks and so we bought drinks to take with us inside the venue. I ordered a cup of Signature Hot Chocolate while DH had Coffee Jelly. We were still able to use our HSBC charge slips for the drinks... yey!

Aside from the Snack Bar and Starbucks, I also saw Krispy Kreme stationed just right outside our section - 203 on the second floor. There were several other snack counters available on the ground floor but my attention was focused on the long line at the counter selling Jonas Brothers concert souvenirs like t-shirts and other memorabilia so I can't remember the names of the stores.

 our complimentary Jonas Brothers Live in Manila concert tickets

Thanks Kimmi Recuenco for our tickets that night!

section 203 Row B seats 3 & 4

After the sixth or was it the seventh song (?), finally, a familiar song was sang but it was not a Jonas Brothers original lol The group had a play with Rhianna's song and remixed it with theirs. The young crowd went wild and started cheering on their favorite band members especially when their faces were focused on two large LCD screens.

Nick Jonas and the Administration - Who I Am

When "Who I am" was sang, it really touched my heart. Even though I only heard it once, I liked it! The crowd gave a deafening scream when Jonas Brothers sang their latest single "Let's Go!" I didn't know the exact numbers of songs played that night because we didn't finish the show but we definitely fun! We felt like two teenagers in love again! Cheezy!

The following photos were taken in the concert venue...

taken before the show 

See the huge LCD screen on the right. There is another one on the left (not shown in the photo). VIP seats that night were worth PhP 10, 500. Our seats in Lower Box B were worth only PhP 3, 700. General Admission tickets are situated on the highest portion of the venue.

taken right after the opening act

The venue is huge!!! I saw several VIP rooms filled with fans of Jonas Brothers. 

one memorable date night

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