New Find: Cafeteria Verde The Better Option

January 18, 2012

C'Verde by Big Chill
Ground Floor, Promenade
Greenhills Shopping Center
San Juan

I'm a vegetarian... not! But once in a while I want to eat something healthy like vegetables ; p I still can't give up red meat... argh! I don't know why, hmm, maybe because it tastes deliciously good.

Anyway, I discovered Cafeteria Verde by Big Chill when I watched a movie alone for the first time in Promenade. I liked what I had and so I ask my parents to join me a few weeks ago to dine vegetarian style ; p

 Layered Beancurd with Rice PhP 99

My mom ordered Layered Beancurd with Rice. It's a tofu and veggie rice topping. The teriyaki sauce is the key ingredient to this dish. I liked it so much that mom and I ended up sharing a bowl hahaha It was just supposed to be a tikim because I have a separate order ; p

To know more what else we ordered, read after the break...

 Mongolian Veggie Rice PhP 99

Rice palang, ulam na! Think about your usual Mongolian BBQ fare but instead of chicken and pork, you get strips of tofu on top of your bowl of rice and some spring onions. Not much tofu meat though but I like this dish just the same.

 Tofu, Mushrooms and Asparagus Rice Topping PhP 99

This dish is kinda lame. It does not have sauce plus the fact that this dish does not look like the one on the photo wall. The asparagus stalk is thin. Anyway, unless you really, really like asparagus, you might as well skip ordering this dish.

 Zucchini Sticks PhP 79

It was served hot so be careful when you eat each of these herb crusted zucchini sticks.

 Bean and Cheese Taquitos PhP 79

If I were to go back, I would order Bean and Cheese Taquitos again. It's a better choice than zucchini sticks. The bean and cheddar cheese are wrapped in tortilla flour. Homemade salsa and aioli are served on the side.

 C'Verde value meal starts at PhP 119

C'Verde value meal includes a cup of fruit shake of the day. That day it's either mango or watermelon. Next time, I will give their burgers a try ; )


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