Nescafe Kada Umaga Equals Positivity

Don't you want to wake up everyday to something positive? Well, I do. Every morning, I always wake up to the smell of Nescafe Classic. You see, DH almost always wake up way earlier than me. Smelling his coffee often signals another beautiful day to look forward to. It always put a smile on my sleepy face.

 the joy of smelling Nescafe Classic every morning

With the pleasant weather that we are all experiencing right now, we always have breakfast in our garden, yes, al fresco. We leave the sliding door open so that all three dogs can also play outside while we are enjoying our cup of coffee.

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 Nescafe Classic... sarap ng tunay na kape!

 (from left to right): Nescafe Gold, Nescafe Classic and Nescafe Taster's Choice

All three variants of Nescafe Coffee are always present in my home.

 Nescafe Classic... gawin ang timpla mo ; )

 my Nescafe Classic Kapeng Black goes well with donut and the morning newspaper

 I always read the Business section because local stocks has recently soared to another record high

Speaking of newspaper, have you tried using Nescafe app called "Kada Umaga". If not, now is the chance to give it a try!

Signing up is so easy!

 Step 1: visit Nescafe Classic Kada Umaga Facebook app:

 Gumising sa magandang balita! Sign up now for Nescafe Classic Kada Umaga!

Nescafe Kada Umaga is Nescafe Classic's first and only customizable newspaper launched.

Step 2: Like Nescafe Philippines on Facebook:

 Step 3: Sign up for Nescafe Classic Kada Umaga!

You can choose the content that you want to see. Positivity!

 Why sign up?

If you sign up now, you can start earning Nescafe points just by participating in Facebook activities. You can get a chance to redeem premium Nescafe items or win raffle rewards monthly. What are you waiting for?

 4 ways on how Nescafe Classic Kada Umaga works

  1. Personalized your content
  2. Spread the news
  3. Earn from your good mornings
  4. Publish your newspaper

How easy is that?! ; )

 Step 4: Tick the box that interests you

Since I am a lifestyle blogger, I opted for Lifestyle and Entertainment ; ) I am not a narcissist but I want my readers to know me that's why I chose "Do You Know Me?" And well, "Early Risers" because I want to beat the 4:00 am log-in time of Ms. Vitug hahaha

 Step 5: Publish your very own Kada Umaga newspaper

Kada Umaga newspaper... where everything you read is positive! Now, what are you waiting for? Share the good news today!

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