Baby Surprises: Green Sproutlets & Bvlgari (Bulgari)

Lately, I have been receiving a lot of gift packages for my baby girl. One of my favorite was from a blogger friend, My Mom-Friday. She sent over some limited edition organic clothing apparel from Green Sproutlets. I already wrote about the brand last year, you can read my post here.

  Green Sproutlets Retro-Polka Collection (clockwise from left): Green Sproutlets Girls Pink Polka Tee & Ruffled Pants, Orange Onesies, Organic Reversible Hooded Blanket and Girls Organic Burpie and Girls Onesies 

I am tickled pink! I only want the best for my baby and Green Sproutlets clothing is ultra-soft to touch- perfect for my baby's sensitive skin. It is made of high quality Certified Organic Cotton (30%) and Viscose from Bamboo (70%) and other sustainable fabrics like soy or hemp.

With its polka-print and solid combination, going green has never been this fashionable!

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Green Sproutlets Girls Pink Polka Tee & Ruffled Pants

Green Sproutlets was inspired by a husband and wife team who felt the need to provide their daughter and other children who have sensitive skin with soft, hypoallergenic, eco-friendly clothing, which promotes social and environmental awareness while being stylish and hip.

I read that even Ben Affleck's daughter, Violet, wears this Green Sproutlets Girls Polka Tee! Now, that's what I call... leveling up lol

  Orange Onesies  

Ok, I didn't notice that I made my baby girl wore a "baligtad" onesies until I saw this photo lol

 Green Sproutlets Organic Reversible Hooded Blanket and Girls Organic Burpie 

 Green Sproutlets Girls Onesies

Green Sproutlets Retro-Polka Collection features two colors- blue and pink with polka print combination. Size range is from 0 to 5T. You can get Green Sproutlets through authorized resellers like Mothering Earthlings and Nurture Nook near Rockwell.   

Earlier this week, I received another gift package for my baby girl. This time from my "old friend" (think elementary classmate ; p) and fellow CareBear member, MPT. It's a Bulgari gift set!

Bulgari has developed a collection of scented products specially formulated in order to minimize allergy risks.

Bulgari Petits et Mamans set includes Eau de Toilette 100ml, Bunny Puppet and Gentle Body Lotion 200ml  
Made in Italy (except for the Bunny Puppet)

My baby girl knows the "good" stuff lol She could not take her hands away from the gift set ; p Although for now, I can only let her play with it. I think she is too young to spray on perfume and/or apply body lotion.

Bulgari Petits et Mamans set includes Eau de Toilette 100ml and Gentle Body Lotion 200ml

Bulgari Petits et Maman was created in 1997 by Nathalie Lorson. It is the first fragrance created for children by Bulgari. The scent reminded me of Johnsons & Johnsons baby cologne (Regular-blue variant) very light and powdery.

Once again, thank you for showering my baby with love!

Do you let your baby wear fragrances? Why or why not?

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